Facts of Head Lice

Having Head Lice does not mean you are dirty. Head Lice may even like clean hair better than dirty hair!  I know you feel yucky having bugs in your hair.  But it's not your fault you have lice.  Getting head lice is almost as easy as catching a cold - and you've caught plenty of colds, right?  It's unpleasant but very beatable especially with help from a head lice professional in Toronto.

Head Lice Shampoos are ineffective and hazardous to your health and our environment. Head Lice have become Super Bugs and have built up a resistance to these toxic chemicals.  Many of the pesticides used, are now BANNED in California for being too dangerous to humans and the environment.  We aren't allowed to use pesticides on our lawns in Toronto why would we want to use them on our children?

Head Lice can only survive on human heads.  Cleaning your house will make you feel better but it's not going to help you beat lice.  Washing pillow cases and sheets and vacuuming where people's heads touch are all you really need to do.  The most important part of beating head lice is focusing on the head.  If you can't see nits (eggs), you need a head lice expert to help.  You will be re-infested unless all the nits are gone.

Head Lice are small wingless insects that cannot fly or jump.  Most often the head lice will crawl from one persons head to another while in close contact.

A female head louse lives about 30 days and after 10 days will mature and start laying eggs at a rate of about seven eggs a day.  An infested head will have approximately 25 live lice.  If half are girls that's 84 eggs a day.  An egg or nit takes 10 days to hatch.  You can see how the infestation can get bad quickly if nitpicking isn't done.

Head Lice have been around since the beginning of time.  Lice combs and nits have been found in Egyptian tombs!

Head Lice don't care if you are rich or poor. Infestations go through Torontos private schools just as often as Torontos public schools.

Head Lice can't live on stuffed animals or pets.  They only live on human heads.

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