My Story: Head Lice in Toronto!

My head itched.  Was it because the seasons had changed?  Was the air drier in my new home in Toronto Beaches?   I asked my husband to look at my head a few times and he didn't see anything.  It didn't even occur to me to check my children.  A note hadn't come home from school and surely if I had something my husband would've seen it? Wouldn't he?  I now know that lots of people can't see head lice or their nits. They are that little or people just don't know what to look for.

Go forward a week or two and I'm scratching my head and a little bug is stuck in my fingernail.  Ick!  Gross!  Needless to say I freaked out.  I went to the pharmacy and talked to the pharmacist and he looked at my hair and said he didn't see anything and thought that I must have fleas!  Are fleas any better than lice?  Yuck!  Well my intuition told me that he was 'wrong and I went to the bookstore (my computer was down - what a time to be without the internet!) and I looked up lice and there I saw a picture of the bug that I had found.  I had discovered that I had HEAD LICE

I went straight to the drug store for some head lice shampoo and even though it said not to be used by nursing mothers, I didn't care.  I just wanted them out of my hair!  What a noxious experience.  Everything in your brain says that this is not good for you.  But it didn't matter I would do anything to get them out of my hair.  I felt so much better afterward and was combing obsessively with the comb that came with the kit.  Whew, head lice problem solved!  Or so I thought...

Then just for fun I checked my kids' sparse hair - they couldn't have head lice, they barely had any hair.  Eek, my daughter had a BUG running through her hair (to this day she thinks I gave HER lice LOL).  So then I had to subject myself to the chemicals again and washed her hair.  Thank Goodness my baby and husband were free and clear. The next day there were still LIVE bugs in my daughters hair.  The shampoo hadn't gotten them all.  So I went crazy and bought 4 different combs.  I was lucky and found one metal comb that worked!  The others were less than useless.

Then the nitpicking began and I discovered that I had a talent for finding the tiny eggs on my daughters head.  What a surprise!  I had found a silver lining to getting lice.  I had found my calling.  So  started my crusade against lice.  I've helped hundreds of families beat their lice infestations.  I've gotten kids back to school and parents back to work.  I help families get back to their normal lives!  I hope I can help you get back to your life too.

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