"OMG Mom my head doesn't itch.  I love you Lice Lady!"
A. D. - 12  year old girl

After battling lice for 6 weeks I gave up and called Andrea and was so glad I did.  As soon as she walked in I felt calmer and knew that I had done the right thing.  I couldn't believe that after the hours and hours of nitpicking I had done she still found nits and a few bugs.  In a week we'd be back where we had started.  Thank goodness for the Toronto Lice Lady.  Andrea was fast and efficient.  The nightmare is over.  I highly recommend her!

I didn't know what to expect when I called the Toronto Lice Lady.  I thought she'd be a grumpy old lady.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  My kids instantly warmed up to Andrea and her cheery personality.  She was really interested in everything they had to say and answered all their questions.  We sure learnt a lot.  And are so happy to be lice free.  If we ever got it again I wouldn't hesitate to call her immediately.

I can't believe that an hour after I called, Andrea was at my door and an hour later we were lice free.  Incredible.

The Toronto Lice Lady came highly recommended to me by a good friend.  She was great with my kids.  I never thought I'd say this, but Andrea made lice removal almost fun.  My kids invited her to come back and visit anytime.

Thank you again for your wonderful service and I hope I never need you again, but if I do, I'll know where to turn.

Toronto Lice Lady, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You helped me and my family out of desperate times. We've been struggling with lice for about 5 months. I used Nix once and R&C twice and still found live lice. When I phoned, you were so helpful and compassionate and the wonderful information you shared with me was so beneficial. I was so grateful to know that help was on the way.

You were great! You helped us through a very tough time and made our children feel very comfortable with the situation.

Andrea has been a godsend. She calmed me right down and made lice bearable.  I don't ever want to go through this again.  But if I did I would speed dial Andrea at the first sign.

As a single mother of two I am so grateful to Andrea to ending our battle with lice.  She was very generous with her time and I'm so thankful for her discounted rates.  I couldn't have afforded her otherwse and would be still fighting.  Ugh.  I love the Toronto Lice Lady!